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Jessica Vara

Actress | Songwriter | Adventurer



Jessica Vara is an actor, songwriter, and adventurer. The daughter of a Marine and the oldest of five girls, Jessica grew up in the chaos of moving around. While her scenery transitioned, one thing remained constant - her love of performing.


Jessica has been acting in plays and musicals since she could walk. When she wasn't in a show, eight-year-old Jess was known to direct and choreograph performances of songs from The Sound of Music and The Cheetah Girls. She took them very seriously and these acts became well-known (some may even say famous) throughout her neighborhood and elementary school.

In middle school, Jessica picked up a guitar and songwriting became one of her favorite hobbies. Years later, this passion led her to study Music Business (BBA) at Belmont University.

During her time in college, Jessica's perspective of the world expanded and she caught the travel bug. She studied abroad in the UK to study Media and the Entertainment Industry, went to the Middle East on a Biblical studies trip, and even circumnavigated the globe doing a Semester At Sea. At this point, she has been to 20+ countries!

Don't worry, Jessica's adventures don't stop there! In 2020 she converted a Ford Transit into a camper van and started full-time #vanlife. After three years, Jessica transitioned out of the van and back to "ordinary" life. She now lives in a Southern California apartment, only a few minutes from the beach.

“Jessica Vara is, simply, unforgettable. Her innate ability to breathe life into characters and step into their shoes on the drop of a dime is incomparable. She can laugh one moment and cry the next, absolutely withholding nothing, and yet she still maintains the same humanity. Everyday, Jessica brings unparalleled vitality and enthusiasm, regardless of the scenes ahead. She unequivocally leaves her fingerprint on the material, on the film, and on the set."

Josh wynters

Director | Writer




​Tel: 910-512-5254​

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